Visit with Your State Representatives & Senators

Meeting with elected officials is a lot easier than most people think. Remember, your legislators work for you!

You can arrange a meeting to tell your elected representative what you think about the Healthy Workplace Bill, and try to get him or her to take action on Workplace Bullying.

Where can you meet? It's not necessary to travel to Washington -- every Member of Congress also has one or more offices in their congressional district. Even though the Member is not in the local office(s) very much, there is a permanent staff member at each office with whom you can meet.

Visit your Individual State Page for contact information for your elected officials.

Request Your Meeting

  • Make your request in writing and follow up with a call(s) to the Appointment Scheduler (this assistant will be one of the most important contacts you make, make that person your friend)
  • Suggest specific times and dates for your meeting. Expect no more than 15-30 minutes
  • Let them know you will be discussing your personal experience with Workplace Bullying
  • Make sure they know that you are a voting constituent

Plan Your Meeting

  • Consult your State Coordinator for advice before the meeting
  • Do your homework. You should arrive knowing something about your Representative's position on workers rights, violence against women, and labor unions
  • Write an outline and some brief talking points. If you'd like your Representative to sponsor the HWB, be sure to ask. If the bill already exists, ask co-sponsorship or at least a positive vote in committee

What To Do During Your Visit

  • Be on-time and polite, introduce yourself. Thank the staff member or representative for the meeting
  • Stay focused. Follow your State Coordinator's suggestions
  • Always mix the personal anecdote with the latest WBI U.S. Workplace Bullying Survey results
  • Ask if there is any additional information or materials they require
  • Honor the time limit

What To Do After Your Visit

  • Send a thank-you note as soon after your visit as possible. Remind him or her of your concerns and mention that you look forward to seeing your Representative take action. Also send any follow-up information you promised during your meeting
  • Keep up the relationship! Keep track of your Representative's actions on your issues. When he or she sponsors a piece of legislation you agree with, send a thank-you email. If you don't see your Representative taking action on the issues you discussed during your meeting, make a follow-up call or write a note reminding him or her of the importance