What is a State Coordinator?

Healthy Workplace Bill State Coordinators are special people who selflessly speak on behalf of, and sometimes in conjunction with, representatives of the bullied workers in their states (35% of the workforce). Coordinators have the time and resources (and sometimes existing connections with politicians) to take the lead in driving their state's or province's campaign to find authors/sponsors for the WBI anti-bullying Healthy Workplace Bill. They follow through with telephone calls and e-mails as required to work for passage of the bill. They do this on a part-time basis while holding jobs to earn a living.

When working with us, you are an extension of the work of the Drs. Namie, founders of the Workplace Bullying Institute which provides the resources for this Campaign and Prof. David Yamada, author of the text of the Healthy Workplace Bill and WBI Board member. State Coordinators are necessarily affiliated with WBI. No Coordinator is authorized to take the bill and the WBI-HWB materials and claim them as her or his own. We require adherence to a Code of Conduct, much like most nonprofits that have contracts with their volunteers when training and access to proprietary materials is provided. This is a requirement of volunteering with WBI-HWB.

How is a Coordinator Different from a Citizen Lobbyist?

A State Coordinator is a "super" Citizen Lobbyist. All are volunteers. Coordinators are members of an elite team with its own website, teleconferences, training, customized materials, and other resources. Coordinators are the ones who identify sponsors for the Healthy Workplace Bill and serve as the primary contact for the lawmakers to the movement.

Citizen Lobbyists are necessary when it's time to write and call lawmakers, to demonstrate that real-life constituents have stories of bullying worthy of attention. Citizen Lobbyists are the justification for any lawmaker to sponsor or co-sponsor or vote in favor of a bill. Coordinators have lists of the legislators in their state and some hold periodic meetings with other lobbyists.

What Would I Have To Do?

A Good Candidate...

  • Needs to be able to discuss fluently Workplace Bullying as described in the writings of the Workplace Bullying Institute website and in the book, The Bully At Work, to speak beyond personal experience, to represent the facts (statistics) of the movement, as well as the portrayal of personal, anecdotal stories.
  • Has been bullied at work, or lived vicariously through it as a family member, partner, or close friend.
  • Has passed one year since a period of severe stress, depression, or PTSD. Has sufficiently healed without risk of re-traumatization. You need to be psychologically "free" to pursue legislation -- you must be able to talk about bullying with little to no emotion!
  • Is comfortable making telephone calls asking for support (this is a SALES job)
  • Communicates & collaborates with like-minded advocacy groups
  • Takes criticism and rejection without over-personalizing the feedback. Its all a part of the legislative process, you will be told "No" many times
  • Encourages and supports others who are involved in the campaign
  • Is willing to speak or give presentations to legislative officials
  • Is an organized person naturally -- conducts research, creates good lists, follows up in a timely manner
  • Can visit lawmakers at local District offices
  • Is willing to talk to the press when interviewed
  • Can encourage others to take action
  • Is willing to coordinate activities to support the larger, National Office on behalf of all bullied American workers. Including working on Freedom from Workplace Bullies week in the 3rd week of October of each year
  • Is able to write op-ed pieces for local newspapers and to contact broadcast media with news about new legislation
  • Has time and resources to travel at least twice per legislative session to the State Capitol for intensive lobbying
  • Has readily available access to e-mail and is able to communicate with the Team of State Coordinators every few weeks regarding your efforts and progress. Basic technology skills are required

What We Provide

  • Networking with other State Coordinators, via an exclusive Coordinator-Only Website and Listserve
  • Professional, personalized lobbying materials and resources
  • Exclusive Training though teleconferences & access to archived conferences
  • A step-by-step Healthy Workplace Bill Guide to Citizen Lobbying
  • Detailed coaching by phone and e-mail as specific obstacles or questions surface
  • Updates to our national websites to reflect your achievements
  • Pass along Media contacts


We strive to protect the identities of Healthy Workplace Campaign State Coordinators. However, working with publicly elected officials, on public bills, in openly public state Capitol buildings requires a certain degree of transparency. Coordinators and Citizen Lobbyists who visit lawmakers, and especially those who testify at public committee hearings for the bill, will be asked to identify themselves for the record. All hearings are audio-recorded.

In some states, hearings are televised and the broadcast is made available for streaming or download from the Internet. Lobbying for the Healthy Workplace Bill is not a task for which you should feel ashamed. But, if personal privacy is required, you should not engage in this type of political activity.

If you are a government worker, you must inquire about the ethicality of lobbying for state legislation. There may be rules prohibiting it, or limiting political speech.

Sounds Great! How Can I Join?

Before you Join: Many people find it helpful to first become a Citizen Lobbyist and then move into the role of State Coordinator. This allows you to learn about the movement, as well as the experience and challenges of lobbying. We encourage you to contact your State Coordinator to learn more about becoming a Citizen Lobbyist. We are happy to have multiple Coordinators working together in each state. You can find your state here.

To apply for the State Coordinator position please download the application below and follow the directions.

Important: Before completing an application, please check to see if your state has a Coordinator. If yes, please contact your State Coordinator to find out how to get involved with the campaign. In many states we have Co-Coordinators, which may be an option for you. The first step is to connect with the Coordinator in your state. We require prospective coordinators to serve as citizen lobbyist for 6 months before applying. The only way an individual can be recognized as a State Coordinator for the Workplace Bullying Institute’s Healthy Workplace Campaign is to complete the application, be interviewed by WBI officials and receive confirmation of her or his approval. Please do not attempt to lobby legislators for the WBI Healthy Workplace Bill without first contacting WBI. Though your intentions may be positive, the effects of your work may undermine our strategic national campaign. Thanks!

Coordinator Application Packet (.doc format)

Coordinator testimonial:

3 Mins
Jonathan Lackland, HWB Coordinator