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Tennessee is the 26th State to Introduce the Healthy Workplace Bill

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  • HB 1981 passed out of the Local Government Committee on Tuesday April 2. It is now in the in the Government Operations Committee with no hearing yet scheduled.
  • HB 1981 passed out of the Local Government Subcommittee on Wed. March 26.
  • Senate bill SB 2226 was deferred by the Senate Commerce and Labor Committee on Tuesday March 25. The Committee reserved the right to bring the bill up for discussion this session, pending passage of HB 1981 out of the House Local Government Committee. Contact Comm. Chair Sen. Jack Johnson, Vice-Chair Sen. Mark Green, and Vice-Chair Charlotte Burks (contact information below) to encourage another hearing for SB 2226.
  • To volunteer to testify or to simply attend the hearing to show support, complete the form on the bottom of this page and the TN State Coordinator can contact you.
  • At the March 13 hearing in the House Consumer and Human Resources Subcommittee, the bill was verbally amended to exclude protections for private sector workers. Instead, the bill will be amended further to apply only to County and City workers. Watch and listen for additional amendments as the bills progress through committees.
  • HB 1981 was amended. Read the text.
  • Write to the bill sponsors listed below to thank them for caring. Write to the Committee Chairs and Vice-Chairs urging them to hold a public hearing for the bills in their committees.
  • HB 1981 was introduced on Jan. 27, 2014 by Rep. Antonio "2 Shay" Parkinson. It is titled the "Healthy Workplace Bill."
  • SB 2226 was introduced by Sen. Jim Kyle on Jan. 27, 2014. The Senate bill is a companion bill to HB 1981 with identical wording.
  • The Senate bill has been referred to Senate Commerce and Labor Committee. See below.
  • The first bills ever to be introduced in Tennessee made the state the 26th state to introduce our Healthy Workplace Bill.

House Bill Sponsor, HB 1981

Name Phone E-mail Website
Rep. Antonio "2 Shay" Parkinson (D-98)   (615) 741-4575 rep.antonio.parkinson@capitol.tn.gov Here

House Local Government Committee

Name Phone E-mail Website
Rep. Matthew Hill, Chair (R-7)   (615) 741-2251 rep.matthew.hill@capitol.tn.gov Here
Rep. Richard Floyd, Vice-Chair (R-27)   (615) 741-2746 rep.richard.floyd@capitol.tn.gov Here
Rep. Dale Carr (R-12)   (615) 741-5981 rep.dale.carr@capitol.tn.gov Here
Rep. Joe Carr (R-48)   (615) 741-2180 rep.joe.carr@capitol.tn.gov Here
Rep. Vince Dean (R-30)   (615) 741-1934 rep.vince.dean@capitol.tn.gov Here
Rep. Jeremy Durham (R-65)   (615) 741-1864 rep.jeremy.durham@capitol.tn.gov Here
Rep. Jimmy Eldridge (R-73)   (615) 741-7475 rep.jimmy.eldridge@capitol.tn.gov Here
Rep. Steve Hall (R-18)   (615) 741-2287 rep.steve.hall@capitol.tn.gov Here
Rep. Andy Holt (R-76)   (615) 741-7847 rep.andy.holt@capitol.tn.gov Here
Rep. Sherry Jones (D-59)   (615) 741-2035 rep.sherry.jones@capitol.tn.gov Here
Rep. Larry J. Miller (D-88)   (615) 741-4453 rep.larry.miller@capitol.tn.gov Here
Rep. Bo Mitchell (D-50)   (615) 741-4317 rep.bo.mitchell@capitol.tn.gov Here
Rep. Antonio "2 Shay" Parkinson (D-98) -- Bill Sponsor   (615) 741-4575 rep.antonio.parkinson@capitol.tn.gov Here
Rep. Mike Sparks (R-49)   (615) 741-6829 rep.mike.sparks@capitol.tn.gov Here
Rep. Mike Stewart (D-52)   (615) 741-2184 rep.mike.stewart@capitol.tn.gov Here

Senate Bill Sponsor, SB 2226

Name Phone E-mail Website
Sen. Jim Kyle (D-30)   (615) 741-4167 sen.jim.kyle@capitol.tn.gov Here

Senate Commerce and Labor Committee

Name Phone E-mail Website
Sen. Jack Johnson, Chair (R-23)   (615) 741-2495 sen.jack.johnson@capitol.tn.gov Here
Sen. Mark Green, 1st Vice-Chair (R-22)   (615) 741-2374 sen.mark.green@capitol.tn.gov Here
Sen. Charlotte Burks, 2nd Vice-Chair (D-15)   (615) 741-3978 sen.charlotte.burks@capitol.tn.gov Here
Sen. Dolores R. Gresham (R-26)   (615) 741-2368 sen.dolores.gresham@capitol.tn.gov Here
Sen. Steve Southerland (R-1)   (615) 741-3851 sen.steve.southerland@capitol.tn.gov Here
Sen. Reginald Tate (D-33)   (615) 741-2509 sen.reginald.tate@capitol.tn.gov Here
Sen. Jim Tracy (R-14)   (615) 741-1066 sen.jim.tracy@capitol.tn.gov Here
Sen. Bo Watson (R-11)   (615) 741-3227 sen.bo.watson@capitol.tn.gov Here
Sen. Ken Yager (R-12)   (615) 741-1449 sen.ken.yager@capitol.tn.gov Here

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