2013-14 Legislative Session News

Pennsylvania was the 25th state to introduce the Healthy Workplace Bill

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    • Representative Mark Cohen (D-202), along with 10 co-sponsors, introduced the Healthy Workplace Act for the 2013-14 session. It is House Bill HB 1179. It is the first-ever version of the Healthy Workplace Bill introduced in Pennyslvania.
    • Read the text of HB 1179 here.
    • HB 1179 has been referred to the House Committee on Labor and Industry.
    • Use the E-Z Emailer above to write letters of thanks to every bill sponsor and to the listed Committee members to encourage them to hold a public hearing on the bill.

    Sponsors of HB 1179

    Name District Phone E-mail Website
    Rep. Mark B. Cohen, Prime Sponsor   D-202 (717) 787-4117 mcohen@pahouse.net Here
    Rep. Louise Williams Bishop   D-192 (717) 783-2192 lbishop@pahouse.net Here
    Rep. Vanessa Lowery Brown   D-190 (717)783-3822 vbrown@pahouse.net Here
    Rep. Thomas R. Caltagirone   D-127 (717)787-3525 tcaltagirone@pahouse.net Here
    Rep. Peter J. Daley   D-49 (717)783-9333 pdaley@pahouse.net Here
    Rep. Patrick J. Harkins   D-1 (717)787-7406 pharkins@pahouse.net Here
    Rep. William C. Kortz II   D-38 (717)787-8175 wkortz@pahouse.net Here
    Rep. Tim Mahoney   D-51 (717)772-2174 tmahoney@pahouse.net Here
    Rep. Erin C. Molchany   D-22 (717)783-1582 emolchany@pahouse.net Here
    Rep. Michael H. O'Brien   D-175 (717)783-8098 mobrien@pahouse.net Here
    Rep. W. Curtis Thomas   D-181 (717)787-9471 cthomas@pahouse.net Here

    House Committee on Labor and Industry

    Name District Phone E-mail Website
    Rep. Mario M. Scavello, Chair   R-176 (717) 787-7732 mscavello@pahouse.net Here
    Rep. Ryan E. Mackenzie, Vice Chair   R-134 (717) 787-1000 rmackenzie@pahouse.net Here
    Rep. Stephen Bloom, Secretary   R-199 (717) 772-2280 sbloom@pahouse.net Here
    Rep. William F. Keller, Democratic Chair   D-184 (717) 787-5774 wkeller@pahouse.net Here
    Rep. Marc J. Gergely, Democratic Vice Chair   D-35 (717) 783-1018 mgergely@pahouse.net Here
    Rep. Pam Snyder, Democratic Secretary   R-50 (717) 783-3797 psnyder@pahouse.net Here

    Activity in prior years

    Feb. 5, 2013, PA State Coordinator, Victoria Johnson, PhD, appeared on KYW-TV, Philadelphia.

    On March 27, 2012, several PA HWB advocates met in Harrisburg, joining 700 who attended the Pennsylvania Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW-PA) lobbying day. The PA State Coordinator and Citizen Lobbyists for the HWB visited with legislators and brainstormed about future efforts and ideas to bring to everyone for consideration as move forward.

    Watch the Dec. 12, 2011 coverage of workplace bullying and the PA Healthy Workplace Advocates by KDKA-TV, Pittsburgh.

    • Please contact the State Coordinator below for more information regarding this state.

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    *Note: Coordinators cannot give advice and are not equipped to help those currently bullied at work. Visit WBI to find resources for bullied targets.

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