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In 2006 HB 2990 was endorsed by

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House of Representatives bill HB 2218 Healthy workplace act: abusive workplace environments was introduced. Referred to committee.


House of Representatives bill HB 2990 was introduced in 2006. It was referred to the House Commerce and Labor Committee on 3/2/06. No public hearing was held and the bill died in committee.

Sponsors of HB 2720, House Standing Committee on Appropriations

Name District Phone E-mail Website
Rep. Marc Rhoades, Chair   R-72 785 296-7682 marc.rhoades@house.ks.gov Here
Rep. Gene Suellentrop, Vice Chair   R-91 785 296-7681 gene.suellentrop@house.ks.gov Here
Rep. Jerry Henry, Ranking Minority Member    D-63 785 296-7688 jerry.henry@house.ks.gov Here

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