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April 18, 2014

Wealthy & Business Groups get their laws passed, American public ignored

The U.S. Supreme Court, the Roberts court, regularly finds in favor of corporations over individuals. In two landmark cases, Citizens United (2010) and McCutcheson (2014), the court gave wealthy individuals unlimited control over the political process — electing politicians and influencing lawmakers concerning public policy laws. Now comes an

April 9, 2014

Massachusetts Healthy Workplace Bill moves to House vote

The Massachusetts anti-bullying legislation, the Healthy Workplace Bill — HB 1766, passed the Joint Committee on Labor and Workforce Development. As of April 7, it is slated for a vote by all members of the House of Representatives. We all stand with the advocates on the ground there — the Massachusetts Healthy Workplace Advocates ̵

April 7, 2014

L & S: Bullying has to stop

By Jane Mundy, Lawyers and Settlements, April 7, 2014 Craig, a commercial truck driver, isn’t about to take bullying lying down. He believes this type of harassment should be a violation of the California labor law. Unfortunately, this type of harassment is not contrary to the California labor code, but wrongful termination is. If not for Craig b

April 7, 2014

BNA: Over 65 Million Workers Affected by Bullying, But Most Employers Don’t React Adequately

By Rhonda Smith, Bloomberg BNA Human Resources Report, April 7, 2014 Twenty-seven percent of U.S. workers are either experiencing abusive conduct at work now or did so in the past, and 21 percent have witnessed it, according to a 2014 national survey report from the Workplace Bullying Institute. A total of 65.6 million workers have been affected by

April 3, 2014

WM: If You Don’t Want Anti-Bullying Legislation, Give Me a ‘Hell Yeah!’

If You Don’t Want Anti-Bullying Legislation, Give Me a ‘Hell Yeah!’ by Jon Hyman, Workforce Management, April 3, 2014 Bullying in the workplace isn’t illegal, unless it’s bullying because of some protected characteristic (sex, race, etc.). Yet, just because something is legal doesn’t mean it should be condoned. According

March 19, 2014

Hermes: Workplace bullying — Isolating, devastating

By Katherine Hermes, Guest Op-Ed, Connecticut Mirror, March 19, 2014 If you knew that 900,000 Connecticut residents experienced a particular problem at work, wouldn’t you want to fix that problem? That’s how many workers in our state have experienced abusive conduct on the job. There are problems great and small, global and local. But when you

March 17, 2014

Flurry of Healthy Workplace Bill activity in NY & TN

This week in anti-bullying legislative news: Albany, New York Tuesday March 18 at 1 pm LCA Room, Legislative Office Building Advocates for New York bills: A4965 & S3863 - Assemblyman Steve Englebright & Senator Diane Savino, bill sponsors - Mike Schlicht & Tom Witt, NY Healthy Workplace Advocates - Randy Goldberg, President CSEA Loc

March 4, 2014

Benefits Pro: Workplace bullying legislation repeatedly defeated

By Scott Wooldridge, Benefits Pro, March 3, 2014 Public awareness of workplace bullying has never been higher, thanks to high-profile cases such as the one involving

March 2, 2014

Bristol Press: CCSU professor urges law targeting workplace bullying

By Scott Whipple, The Bristol (CT) Press, March 1, 2014 NEW BRITAIN — Workplace bullying is back in the public eye. According to a recent national survey, an overwhelming majority of Americans — 93 percent — support enactment of a new law that would protect workers from repeated abusive treatment at work. Only 1 percent strongly oppose such

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This is the official home of the national grassroots legislative movement to enact the anti-bullying Healthy Workplace Bill. The HWB is the boldest proposed change to U.S. employment law in 40 years. We are a volunteer network of citizen activists working since 2002 in many states to pass the bill into law.

Current discrimination and harassment laws rarely address bullying concerns. Bullying is four times more prevalent than illegal discrimination, but is still legal in the U.S. People deserve more protection against arbitrary cruelty that has nothing to do with work.

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"Sometimes I wonder if we shall ever grow up in our politics and say definite things which mean something, or whether we shall always go on using generalities to which everyone can subscribe, and which mean very little." -- Eleanor Roosevelt